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Rudder Pedals

The rudder pedals is a flight control equipment located in the cockpit of the aircraft. It... [+]

Water Bombing System

RAFAUT company has all the capabilities to study, design and develop innovative products for civilian or military... [+]

Cargo Ladder

The cargo ladder is installed either on LH side or/and RH side in the frame of the cargo door and it is retractable. [+]

Sliding Tables

The sliding tables are used by the captain and the first officer to lay down technical documentation and/or connect... [+]

Hydraulic tanks

RAFAUT group has the full capability to produce hydraulic tanks in order to feed brake and flight controls circuits... [+]

All about our expertise

RAFAUT has a strong experience Build To Print in the manufacture of work-packages for commercial aircrafts and helicopters. The products are various, as well for the planes as for the helicopters, and they all have in common complex kinematics.

In addition, thanks to its technical expertise in defense, RAFAUT also designs equipment in the civil and commercial field (Design and Build).

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SIAE 2019

Rafaut Group

Proud day for both French RAFAUT Group and German AUTOFLUG that sign an agreement on a joint strategic market approach... [+]

SIAE 2019

Rafaut Group

Dans le cadre du salon du Bourget, Rafaut groupe a signé un accord avec le constructeur allemand Autoflug, qui... [+]

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