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Environment policy

The transition from our environmental management system, certified ISO 14001 to the 2015 version of the standard, is a major objective of the year 2019. It illustrates the company’s continuous improvement approach whose main challenge is the respect of the environment.
Concretely, this means that for the coming years, we will all organize and behave in an Eco-efficient way, but also put in place the necessary actions to achieve our following environmental objectives:
  • Maintain and improve our ISO 14001 certification,
  • Improve the overall environmental performance of the company by replicating our short-term and long-term goals
  • Improve the control of occupational risks,

The following environmental objectives in 2019 are:

A. Improve waste management and sorting 
Get 70% sorting of compliant waste in workshops and offices

B. Controlling and reducing water and energy consumption

Reducing energy consumption by 3% (2020 target)

C. Empower and involve the internal stakeholders in the environmental approach 
Train and sensitize 100% of new employees to the environmental approach

D. Improving Chemicals Management 
100% Optimization of Accessibility of Material Safety Data Sheets

E. Improve Occupational Risk Management 
Update Single Document 
Reduce Workplace Accidents by 5%

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With these essential objectives in the protection of the environment for future generations, RAFAUT acts as a responsible industrial company.