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The RAFAUT group doubles its size by taking over AEds and reinforcing its positions with its civilian and military customers.

`The group Rafaut keeps growing. Three months ago, the group announced the construction of a new factory near Valenciennes (North). On January 10, it will sign the acquisition of AEds group, supplier of major contractors such as Airbus or the defense sector.

Composed of five subsidiaries, it notably manufactures external fuel tanks of the Rafale and Mirage 2000, as well as elements of hydraulic circuits and brakes for Airbus, as well as aircraft and helicopter wheels. The company, founded in Dreux in 2004, has made successive acquisitions, reaching 200 employees and 46 million turnover. But one of its two founders, Maurice Laffly, aged seventy-five, wished to retire. Before leaving, he chose to be “closer and with a group of similar size”. His colleague, Jean-Christophe Bertolo, General Manager, reinvests in Rafaut, as well as one of AEds financial shareholders, BNP Paribas Développement.

Critical size

With this operation, Rafaut double its turnover, to 100 million euros, an essential step to reach the “critical size” required by the contractors who have reduced the number of their suppliers, specify the CEO, Bruno Berthet.